Zoeller Mighty Mate Review

I wrote this detailed Zoeller Mighty Mate review to help you decide if the popular Mighty Mate M53 is the right sump pump for you and your budget.

Choose wisely by reading this Zoeller Mighty Mate review: 

If you have a basement, you know how important choosing the right sump pump is for preventing flooding, water damage and mold. The Zoeller Mighty Mate M53 is a 1/3 HP submersible sump pump that’s popular with homeowners. I always recommend a submersible pump, over a pedestal pump, because they’re sealed in the floor - and submersible pumps are so much quieter!

And you can check Amazon's price on the Mighty Mate M53.

Horse Power Rating on the Zoeller Mighty Mate:

The Zoeller Mighty Mate motor is rated at 1/3 horsepower. I can tell you that a 1/3 HP motor is powerful enough for most average-sized homes with an average water table.

Actually a 1/3 HP is the most popular horse power (HP) size of sump pumps sold. And this Zoeller submersible pump motor on the M53 is also protected by oil-filled, hermetically sealed thermal protectors.

Zoeller Sump Pump Review of the Materials and the Design of the Casing and Impeller:

The Zoeller Mighty Mate is my top recommended 1/3 HP submersible sump pump.

The Mighty Mate M53 Zoeller submersible pump is built with an engineered thermoplastic base and a cast iron switch. And the Mighty Mate M53 has a plastic vortex impeller that is specially designed to eliminate clogging. As you know, clogs are real hassles and having a clogged sump pump leaves your basement vulnerable to flooding.

And speaking of clogs, the M53 has no screens to interfere with any debris thats flowing in the water. So you’ll have no clogged screen problems -  and this pump can pass up to ½” diameter solids.

This Zoeller submersible pump is made with stainless steel screws and it has a powder-coated epoxy finish to resist rust and corrosion.

But, if you just want to be sure about your idea sump pump size, an easy way to double-check is to take a look at your old or existing pump. Every pump has a data plate on it. Data plates are rectangular plates that list the model, volts, HP, warranty date code, etc. So look at your data plate and check out the HP rating on your old pump. If it was doing a good job of keeping your basement dry, stick with the same horsepower in your new pump.

Switch, Power Cord and Discharge on the Zoeller Mighty Mate M53:

I wanted to let you know, on this Zoeller Mighty Mate review, that the M53 has an automatic vertical float switch. This will give you peace of mind knowing that the Mighty Mate will automatically turn on, to protect your home. The polypropylene float connects to a 2 pole mechanical switch – and if your water rises – the Zoeller motor kicks on. This Zoeller Mighty Mate does have switch guard to help guarantee it will turn on, when it needs to.

And, yes, don’t forget, switches and switch guards on Zoeller submersible pumps do need to be replaced every few years. Usually 2-6 years, depending on how often the pump is used. As you know, that’s just part of the routine maintenance of a sump pump.

The power cord is 9 feet and the 1 ½” NPT discharge fits perfectly with almost all standard PVC (or similar) pipes! Easy installation.  Click here to read more Mighty Mate specs on Amazon.

Zoeller M53 Mighty Mate sump pump review

Zoeller Sump Pump Warranty

No Zoeller Mighty Mate review would be complete without talking about the Zoeller warranty.

The Zoeller sump pump warranty on the Mighty Mate M53 on Amazon is a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Zoller has many authorized warranty and service repair stations all over the USA in case you need servicing during the Zoeller sump pump warranty period.

According to Zoeller’s FAQ page, under normal conditions, this pump should last for 7-10 working years, with regular maintenance.

You can find more information about the Zoeller sump pump warranty in your owners manual or on www.zoellerpumps.com.

Also, if you buy a Zoeller pump, don't forget to visit http://reg.zoellerpumps.com/ to register it for warranty protection.

My Final Recommendations on the Zoeller Mighty Mate Review:

When you compare size, price, warranty and quality, I confidently recommend the Mighty Mate M53 as the best overall residential sump pump value. If you have an average sized home, you really can’t go wrong with installing Zoeller Might Mate sump pump. And you can check Amazon's price on the Zoeller Mighty Mate 53 sump pump.

Mighty Mate submersible sump pump

Check Amazon's price on the Zoeller Mighty Mate M3.

And if you have a friend who’s a contractor or plumber, I can guarantee they’ll likely tell you that the Might Mate M53 is one of their favorite pumps to install! Pro’s hate pumps that break down or under-perform. It’s just bad for business. So, the Zoeller Mighty Mate M53 is often a go-to pump for plumbers and contractors.

And I appreciate the Zoeller sump pump 3 year warranty because Zoeller has many authorized warranty and service repair stations all over the USA.

But I also strongly recommend the Zoeller M53 because it’s really one of the quietest residential sump pumps on the market. Yes, when you stand right next to your sump pit, you’ll definitely hear it turn on. But you won’t hear it running in any other part of your house.

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