Sump Pump Alarm

The right sump pump alarm can help you avoid the major damage and expensive repairs caused by a basement flood. This water alarm will let you know if your sump water levels have risen too high and you need to take action. 

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And if you have a sump pump alarm with wifi, it can text and/or email you too, so you’ll be alerted even if you’re not home. Or if you’re away on vacation. Genius.

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What if your power goes out, during a storm, and you’re not home? Well, your primary sump pump won’t run without electricity and you’ll run the risk of flooding. But a wireless sump pump alarm can text or email you to let you know that there’s water problem. You’ll immediately know that you need to either come home, call a plumber or ask a friend to respond. And you’ll be able to take care of your basement water problem before flood damage starts. You can have peace of mind with a sump pump alarm.

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This smart, wireless water alarm will help keep your home safe from extensive flood damage. You'll get a text or email when the D-Link Wi-Fi water alarm detects water - before serious damage can occur! And the loud 70dB alarm will sound too. You'll have peace of mind knowing whats going on in your home, from your smartphone.

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Let’s talk about how a pump water alarm works and what features you should look for when you’re comparison shopping:

Where do you install a sump pump alarm?

If you have a submersible sump pump, you’ll want to install your sump pump alarm in your sump pit at your water level threshold. That way, if water begins to rise in your sump, which means that your sump pump is not working or is overwhelmed, the high-water loud alarm will go off.

And you can see my top sump pump alarm recommendation: the Glentronics Basement Watchdog Alarm on Amazon.

If you have a pedestal style sump pump, you’ll want to mount your sump pump alarm on your basement wall, utility/wash tub, floors, etc. depending on the pump alarm model you choose. If you have a pedestal sump pump, you can place many of the sump pump alarms directly on the floor, so the alarm will go off if just a little water begins to puddle in your basement. In fact, some sump pump alarms detect as little as 1/32” of water – so you’ll really get an early warning about a possible flood.

How is a sump pump alarm powered?

These new sump pump alarms are battery powered, so you’re protected even if your power goes out. And for some of us, when there’s a big storm, power outages occur all too frequently. These water alarms usually use 9 volt or AA batteries. I love that these  alarm systems are battery powered – and many of them will emit a low-battery signal to let you know it’s time to change the battery!

Why do you need a sump pump alarm system?

Here are some common scenarios that many homeowners face, that would be helped by having a sump pump water alarm to give an early warning:

1.      Modern sump pumps are designed with better motors and parts, but still, eventually, they do wear out and stop working.

2.      Sump pumps can become clogged or blocked, and if they do, they’ll stop pumping water out of your basement.

3.      If you have a power outage, your sump pump won’t have the electricity it needs to work, and you’ll need to react quickly.

4.      Also if someone blows a fuse at your home, that also powers your sump pump, the pump won’t be able to do its job.

5.      If you experience a sudden, strong rain storm or you have a lot of snow melt, your existing sump pump can become overwhelmed with incoming water and not be able to keep up with the demand.

In all of these scenarios, a sump pump alarm system will give you an all-important heads-up. So you can take action before major flood damage occurs.

And you can check out my #1 wireless sump pump alarm that will send you email & text notifications: the D-Link WiFi Water Alarm on Amazon.

Personally, in my opinion, I think the new wireless pump alarm systems are a necessity for any homeowner that has a sump pump in their basement. I think of them as early warning systems for your basement. You’ll be able to instantly get a text and/or email to alert you to any developing water problems. I think a unit with wifi is a great way to have peace of mind when you’re away from your home.

What are some other uses for a sump pump water alarm?

A sump pump alarm can also be used next to a washer, water heater, or other appliances.

I wanted to let you that these water alarms do a fantastic job of preventing thousands of dollars of water damage anywhere you have an appliance that uses water!  Many homeowners put one near their water heaters, refrigerators, dishwashers, underneath sinks, toilets, etc. Basically, any place there’s a faucet or appliance. You’ll know as soon as a leak develops, so you can correct the problem before you need big & costly water damage repairs!

And if you've already experienced a flood in your basement, here's a link to some good post-flood cleanup tips from FEMA:

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A sump pump alarm is an early warning system to help prevent expensive flood damage to your home.