Fixing a Wet Basement

Fixing a wet basement should be a priority for every homeowner. Repairing damage caused by a flooded basement is time-consuming and expensive. And having a wet basement can also cause mold to develop – including toxic black mold. Here’s my best troubleshooting tips for tackling a wet basement:

A gutter extension and swale can help fix a wet basement problem.Creating a swale will help divert water from your basement!

It may sound funny, but really I advise you to check the outside of your home, first, when you’re looking for solutions to fix your wet basement. You’d be surprised how often the water can be stopped by making sure you have adequate & unblocked gutters.

And you need to check your downspouts too. It’s easiest to check your gutters and downspouts while it’s raining. You’ll easily see if your gutters, downspouts or extensions are blocked or leaking. And you can also check to be certain that water isn’t ponding near your home.

Also, take a walk around the perimeter of your house to see if you need to regrade to create slopes away from your house. Re-grading the ground slope around a home is a proven way of fixing a wet basement. My advice: make sure your ground is graded to at least 6” below the top of your foundation wall.

Don’t have enough ground, around your home, for proper grading? Ok, then you’ll want to really consider creating a swale in your yard where your downspout extensions empty out. The excess water will drain into the trench and move away from your foundation. And away from your basement.

Fixing a Wet Basement with a Sump Pump

If you’re addressed any possible water problems on the exterior of your home, but you’re still experiencing water or wet spots in your basement, it’s time to talk about sump pumps.  Sump pumps are a crucial piece of equipment for fixing a wet basement.

Do you have sump pump that’s currently working – but you still have water collecting in your basement? Then you have an under powered sump pump that can’t keep up with your excess water demands. Your sump pump is overwhelmed by incoming water and can’t keep up. You’ll need to bump up to a more powerful sump pump with a higher horsepower (HP) rating:

And you can see my top recommended 1/2 horsepower submersible sump pump: the Wayne CDU800 sump pump on Amazon.

It has a strong 1/2 HP motor, cast iron construction for longer life and a ceramic mechanical seal for working in demanding water situations. It offers a maximum flow rate of 4,200 gallons per hour GPH! The Wayne CDU800 also has an integrated vertical float switch and a 3 year warranty.

Check Amazon's price on the Wayne CDU800 sump pump.

A Battery Backup System will Help you Fix a Wet Basement

Or, did you have sump pump failure that caused the water to begin collecting in your basement? This usually happens for two reasons: a. you lost electricity or b. your pump died.

As you know, if you lose utility power, your sump pump stops working. And, unfortunately, all sump pumps eventually wear out. So, how can you keep water out of your basement in these scenarios? You need a battery backup for your sump pump. If anything happens to keep your primary sump pump from doing its job a battery powered sump pump backup system kicks on to keep your basement dry. Even if you’re not home, you’ll be protected.

I can strongly recommend the Basement Watchdog BWE Emergency Back-up Sump pump on Amazon.

When your primary sump pump fails, is overwhelmed, clogs or wears out, the Basement Watchdog BWE  automatically starts up to pump up to 1,000 gallons per hour (GPH) at 10 ft lift and 2,000 GPH at 0 feet lift! It stands watch over your basement to make sure it doesn’t become a swimming pool.

What I REALLY love about the Basement Watchdog is that it has a unique LED control panel that actually tells you what’s wrong with your primary sump pump – and what to do to fix it! Genius.

And you can check Amazon’s price on the Basement Watchdog.

My advice is that everyone who has sump pump should have a back up sump pump battery system. It’s an expensive way to prevent extremely costly repairs. And good investment to helping you fix a wet basement.

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Now you have some reliable, proven tips for fixing a wet basement.